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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My First Digital Author Interview

I met Katy Sozaeva through She is a prolific reviewer of books with 177 reviews to her credit just since she joined the site in June of this year. She's interested in my work and has reserved this weekend to read four of them. She's calling it her "Randy Attwood Weekend." In preparation, she sent me a list of questions, which I answered, and then some more and follow-ups. That interview is now posted on her site:

An update on SPILL: one friend, who is a wonderful copy editor, returned his markings to me and I've made corrections and followed his suggestions. Some of his catches truly terrified me that I could make these kinds of mistakes: melodious went I meant malodorous (and in a situation that was really a howler) and shown when I meant shone. I fear I've developed some sort of aural dyslexia. I have another friend who has partially finished his careful reading and I'm waiting for him to chime in. He's already given me his corrections for the first 76 pages and so I could compare the two readers. One catches things the other does not. The second friend caught officious when I meant official. Lesson here: you can't have too many friends who are good copy editors. At least I can share the final cover design that John Yuelkenbeck of Alias Creative Group did. It's a dandy. Projected release date: next week.

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