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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blow Up the Roses: Warning! Warning!

This is strange. I need to warn you away from this book. It's not pornographic or erotica, although I will install what smashwords calls the prude factor and also make sure it's listed as erotica on Amazon.

I have never known the end of a book when I start it. I always felt knowing the end was a fraud upon the reader. The characters should discover their own ends. Outlining never worked for me. In Blow Up the Roses, I didn't know why Mr. Keene deserted Mrs. Keene. I didn't know the horrible truth about Mr. Brown, who rented the other side of the duplex from the Keenes. I didn't know why Mr. Califano had this recurring nightmare of a rose garden blowing up around him. I didn't know why I didn't trust Mr. Griswald and his Amway sales program.

When I found out, I almost stopped writing the book. But sometimes characters demand their lives be put on paper. And sometimes it is far easier to create characters than destroy them -- until they destroy themselves.

Blow Up the Roses is now on Take a couple of days to get loaded on But smashwords has the Kindle format.

Reader, you've been warned. Actually, I think it fits into one of the Romance genres. Please let me know.

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