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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And Some Vindication

I am feeling and the word I'm searching for here is somewhere close to vindication. Not because I'm selling a lot of books. I'm not, but I'm doing okay. I feel vindicated because of the comments from people I don't know from Adam who have read and reacted so positively to Crazy About You.

There is very much a sense in their comments that they lived the reality I tried to create with words. That's what fiction writing is all about: creating a reality that others can experience. You get a few people who don't know you, have no reason to lie, let you know they stepped into and experienced the reality you created – wow.

Thank you, LM Hornberger, who wrote:

Overall, I was extremely glad I read this book! If I were to write a book, this is exactly the type of book I would love to write -- a book to make people reflect.

Her full review is reposted earlier in this blog.

Thank you Joan LaMonte who first wrote me this email

Well, not only did I get it, but I took this hot humid day and turned it into a reading day. I literally couldn't put your book down. Was any of it true? Brilliant...I loved it. Give me until Monday to write your review. I'll be giving it five stars but want to think about what I want to write.

I loved her question about if any of it was true. Greatest compliment to receive. Here is her succinct review received today

Riveting, fast paced, heartfelt; Randy Attwood's Crazy About You is a brilliant account of a coming of age teen whose caring and courage extends well beyond his years. I literally could not put this book down. Crazy About You is a must read for teens and adults alike. I can't wait for the movie.

Thank you, Kristina Akers

Awesome Awesome Awesome book!!! It was sooooo cool to be able to read and know exactly where you were all the time!!! Have to admit... the end kinda scared me enough that I was too scared to get up at 1am when i finished and go to the bathroom!!! Great job Randy!!!

Thank you Bobby Cavalier

Bought the book and read it in one sitting. Could not put it down. I loved it.

All of these comments provide a wonderful confidence booster and helps me move forward to get more of my works epublished. Several are just around the corner.

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