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Thursday, August 11, 2011

3 Very Quirky Tales

If other authors are happening to read this blog and need a cover designer, get to know Michael Irvin. He's good, he's fast and he gets it. He showed me this design this morning and it was bang on for what I had called "Three Very Quirky Tales" and now call "3 Very Quirky Tales" because it works better typographically. I've never been able to find a genre niche for my fiction other than quirky, so I stole that word for the title of these three stories. Two were written within the last few years to show the old geezer can still put pen to paper.

 "Tell Us Everything" reads as fast as a crotch rocket. If you like Philip K. Dick, I think you'll like this tale. Goth girl with a lot of piercings plugs into the reality of the world and starts broadcasting those truths to a world that doesn't really want to hear them.

"It Was Me (I)" finds Timothy Thomas looking over at the driver in the car beside him and recognizing himself, but not the person he is now but the person he was 30 years ago. Are do overs possible? Timothy's going to find out.

And "The Notebook." Well, I did leave a notebook in the attic of an old house where I had rented a room when in college and always wondered what was in it. My character Jeremy finds out. "3 Very Quirky Tales" is on Smashwords. Haven't placed in on yet. Here's Michael's wonderful cover. If you'd like to contact him, leave me a message how I can get him in touch with you.

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