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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Price Reduction in July on Smashwords

I've enrolled ten of my works in the July summer sales at Smashwords. You'll see a code to enter that will be you a 25 percent reduction. One of my fans, Katy Sozaeva is promoting it on her own blog and here's what she had to say:

"I have read every single book and story he has available out there (and one he doesn't yet have available to younyah nyah!) and just loved every single one! You won't find all my reviews on Smashwords, unfortunately, because they won't allow folks to review a book they haven't purchased there, but you CAN find my reviews on his Goodreads pages for his books, so feel free to check there if you want to read my opinion (which, as you know, is better than yours laugh)! I've also posted most of them here on my blog. He offers 12 of his 13 stories on Smashwords. Ten of those works will be listed at 20% off; you should just go ahead and buy the rest of them while you're buying, 'cause they're totally worth it!"

My titles are here.

And a reminder that I donate $1 of every sale of Crazy About You to Headquarters Counseling Center in Lawrence, KS. They are the people in this area of he US who work the suicide prevention hotline. That donation won't get cut 25 percent. Those people offer an outstanding service.

And the Fourth of July is my birthday. The best gift I can think of would be to gain a new reader!


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Oh, dear, now I'm curious... Was it Spam (delicious, delicious Spam)? A top-secret recipe for plutonium? The secret to eternal life and wealth? Or someone with really bad taste??

  2. Nope. Just a plug I put on his blog that reviewed a Philip K Dick novel. I love that writer and "Tell Us Everything," the first story of "3 Very Quirky Tales," is my attempt to get a story moving and engage the reader as quickly as PKD could do, oh, and, yes create a very strange new reality. I really like that story: Here's the beginning:

    Cricket carefully backed her crummy car, which needed a motor mount bolt replaced, down her cousin’s driveway. She was driving extra cautiously these days because her license was suspended and she had two weeks to go on her probation before she could pay the bastards another $90 to get reinstated, which was beyond bullshit because that last DUI was totally fucking unfair. She hit the breaks when she heard Samantha’s voice on the car radio.

    "Cricket, can you hear me broadcasting? I told you I was. And I’m going to start telling truths, Cricket, truths about our family and you and everyone. How will you all like that? The highs today are expected to reach the mid 90s. In sports, the Royals lost their tenth straight."

    Jesus, Cricket worried, maybe I’m the one who’s nuts. She flipped away a strand of brown hair that had fallen over her nose, which–being a little upturned but too pudgy–she did not consider one of the best features on her otherwise pretty, if a bit lopsided, face. She had gone to her cousin’s house because her aunt, Samantha’s mother, begged her to check on the little fruitcake, who was this time really in serious need of mental health crisis intervention. But Samantha wouldn’t unlock the door and just yelled that she was busy broadcasting.

    Truths about the family? What truths?

    "The citizens of Peculiar will be interested to know that their postmistress is fucking two carriers and ON government time and ON government property!” Samantha was starting her truth telling.

    Cricket left the car and ran back to pound on Samantha’s locked front door.

    “Sami! You let me in right now. Stop this!”

    “Go away!” Samantha yelled back at her. “Or I’ll start telling truths about you next.”