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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cover Design Discussion for Heart Series

I've got my two Philip McGuire novels ready to publish. Both professionally edited and proofread and I want to issue Heal My Heart So I May Cry and A Heart to Understand simultaneously because I've included the beginning of each at the back of the other one. So if I reader likes one he or she can make a quick decision to go get the other.

Cover designs are tough for these so I'm using pinterest to put them up and seeking feedback. I'm now leaning to the landscape look.

Philip McGuire is a burnt out foreign correspondence who has given up journalism to go back to his college town and buy and run a bar. But his past keeps coming around to visit him.


  1. I definitely like the landscape. The newspaper cover image looks cool, but it's too busy - the title and your name would get lost on there. Same with the woman's face and the newspaper title. And you know how I think about nekkid-torso guy ... but it might just because of my personal feelings about such things ... LOL Hopefully you'll get some new feedback from some other folks!

  2. I use Renee a
    I would avoid the New York Times logo because I'd be shocked if it weren't trademarked--easy way to get sued.
    I might incorporate elements of both. For example, the B+W photo from the news story on top and the canyon below. trim of the weeds and scrub at the base. Put the title between them, emphasizing the divide between worlds. My 2 pennies

  3. I like the 2 landscape paintings. People on covers generally don't do it for me!

  4. Thanks all. I'm leaning strongly to the landscape look, too. I'm waiting for a friend to send me a photograph of his Landscape Sudlow painting because then I won't have a problem with image rights.
    Scott, I have an email into the NYT seeking permission. Be interesting to see what they say.