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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Seven-Day Holiday Sale on 4 of My Novels

For seven days, starting Sunday Dec. 17, my publisher Curiosity Quills will have a 99-cent sale on the ebook versions of the four titles I have published with them.

Blow Up the Roses: How much pain, horror, and anguish can one cul d'sac endure? Why is so much murder, mystery, and sexual brutality condensed among the few duplex homes built so close together on the Elm Street cul d'sac? 

SPILL, in which a fired English teacher scams the political system, gets the girl, the money and a killer skate boarder video game. 

Phillip McGuire Series I, Tortured Truths: "Once a journalist, always a journalist." Until the Hezbollah get a hold of you and show you just what a coward you are. Phillip McGuire was already a burnt-out foreign correspondent before the Hezbollah kidnapped him in Beirut and, under torture, got him to give the layout of the Marine compound he had visited. They blow it up, killing those 237 Marines. His psyche blown to smithereens with guilt, he returns to his college to buy a bar and try to hide. 

Phillip McGuire Series II, Heart Chants: A second Navajo girl comes up missing from the Indian College and ex-journalist now bar-owner Phillip McGuire finds himself in the middle of the search for answers, which are easy if you are Ko-yo-teh and have found a way to open the gate to the Holy People. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

"Bless Me, Father, For I Am Sinning"

Bless Me, Father, For I Am Sinning is my 15th shorter work of fiction published via Amazon. It’s a short story just in time for Christmas reading, with, I think, an appropriate theme and ending. I’ve categorized this one as literary and Christian. It will be added to the list of my works you can read on whatever device you use for a mere 99 cents.

I was enamored with the Roman Catholic Church at a young time in my life. I fell out of love, and this is my nostalgic memory.