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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Reporting in after Voice of Lawrence Interview

The March 28 interview experience was really very interesting and rewarding.

The Voice of Lawrence studios are on 8th street just off the main drag. They've only been operating about 11 weeks, but their servers show they are building a nice audience and they have several paid advertisers.

It was good finally to meet Marcia Epstein, the host of "Talk With Me." You can read more about her in the previous posting.

I was nervous. Very nervous. I don't know if it shows in my voice or not. A few years ago, I found it was almost impossible for me to stand in front of any crowd and talk. This is strange for someone who spent his life in journalism and public relations. Put me behind a podium and I just about freeze and my knees shake.

I had done another web radio interview, but that was over the phone. It went well. I really prepared for my interview with Marcia. Had things organized in a three ring binder. I didn't want to just gab off the cuff. I got a little shaky at times, and at one point reading a section from Heart Chants about the early history of Haskell Indian college, I got pretty emotional and almost lost it. I thought I was going to cry. I don't know what came over me.

It was amazing how fast the hour went. Excluding breaks and intro section, I guess the actual interview was about 50 minutes. It flew by. I thought I would have time to talk about more of my works, but that didn't happen. The works I discussed where Crazy About You, Tortured Truths and Heart Chants, published by Curiosity Quills, Then and Now, and Blow Up the Roses, also published by CQ.

I found it cathartic to discuss publicly for the first time the ups and many more downs of writing and trying to get published. I had never really admitted to anyone else just how I felt about my writing efforts and what writing has meant and means for me.

Here's the url if you want to hear the interview. If you want to get past the music and opening ads, you can scoot to the 5:46 mark. If you want to get past the intro, go to the 8:12 mark.

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