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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Tortured Truths" Now Available. First in a Series. "Heart Chants" is Next. Dec. Release

I'm pretty pumped that my publisher, Curiosity Quills, has released Tortured Truths! Here's the Kindle version. Here's the Nook version. Paperback should soon follow on Amazon.

I started the novel a long time ago, way before 9/11. I had become enthralled with John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee series, from The Deep Blue Good-bye through The Lonely Silver Rain. I liked the books, not for the mysteries they contained, but because I wanted to spend more time with Travis. That's the kind of character I tried to create in Phillip McGuire and this mystery/suspense series. But Phil is no repeat of Travis. He's his own person with his own broken background, a burnt-out, foreign correspondent who leaves journalism to return to KU to own and run a bar. Intrigues come his way. Love comes his way.

I hope you'll like Phil enough to want to be around him again. The next book in the series, Heart Chants, will be released in late December. If you happen to be Navajo or Native American or interested in those cultures, I think you'll like Heart Chants. A lot of research about the Navajo went into it and that, alone, made it rewarding for me to write. What a people.

A shout out to Curiosity Quills and how great it has been to work with their people, from the main guy Eugene Teplitsky to the acquisition people, the editors, proofers, cover designers, and marketing folks.


  1. Thank you Matthew Cox for this five-star review on Goodreads:

    Randy Attwood has crafted an intoxicating tale of circumstance and choice. A harrowing abduction by Hezbollah militants leaves Phil McGuire disillusioned with his journalism career, he searches for comfort in the place he once felt safe.
    Back home, he molds his dream of owning a bar into a tangible reality. His bare hands work old damaged wood as they knead the sorrow out of his soul. Fate is a whimsical mistress, and he soon finds himself under the spell of his reporters' instincts when bodies turn up and the CIA starts sniffing around a quiet little town in Kansas.

    Atmospheric and philosophical, Tortured Truths is a skillfully written journey into a wounded mind searching for peace. A thoughtful commentary on power and corruption, and an asset to any library.

  2. Thank you James Wymore for this comment:

    I really, really enjoyed this book. I usually stick to genre fiction, but sometimes a good mystery thriller hits the spot. The characters are great and the emotions run high through this fast and twisted story.