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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sex Matters: Erotic Excerpts from Five Novels

What is wrong with me? Sex sells. I didn't set out to write erotica nor use it as a selling point, but believable sex scenes in so many of my works are an important part of the stories. Here are some excerpts:

She put her hands on his shoulders to give herself leverage, slowly raised her hips, and he felt her glide over him, raise the lips of her vagina to his tip, and move her hips in a circle. A gurgle left his throat. As she slowly descended her vagina down and around his penis, submerging it, he felt his drool drip down the side of his slack mouth.
Not even God, he knew, could save him from this delicious hell. Nor, Father Talley also knew, did he have a shred of desire to be saved. He searched again for some feeling of guilt, but there was none and that, he knew, was the final sign that he was lost.

From the dark thriller Blow Up the Roses
Mr. Brown closed the door on the whimpers and walked up the stairs to take a shower. He stood under the stream of water and leaned his head against the wall of the shower stall. "Mommy loves me. Mommy loveth me. Mommy loveth me," he whispered to himself as his heart slowed. Those pictures should really be something, he thought to himself. As good as these stills would be, though, he knew there was no way they would show the wriggling.

There was no resistance from her when I let my hands know those hooters were real; there was just her gasp. She gasped more air when I bit her neck, stuck my tongue in her ear. Pheromones were exuded to beat the band. I went ahead and wolfed down gulps of air. I undid the top buttons of her starched blue blouse. I hadn’t been this close to breasts since I was a baby. I dove right back in. Got a mouthful of bra. I undid another button of her blouse and that gave me enough room to reach around to the back of her bra. It took awhile for my inexperienced fingers to undo the five hooks. But what a reward. My God, I realized, a five-hooker! I had heard Jake LaRue brag about such trophies and complain that other girls were “only a two-hooker.” My flat-chested sister, whose bra I checked out in the laundry room, was only a two-hooker. Here I had just undone a five-hooker. It was too dark to see as clearly as I would have like to see, but my hand and then my mouth told me what they were encountering was the mother-lode. She was gulping down air now, too. The intense air intake into her lungs produced unbelievable consequences to her chest. My Very Important Thing was so hard you would have had to use a hacksaw to cut it off.
I rose up on my arms and tiptoes, like doing pushups, pinned her pelvis by impaling her, and stopped my hips, which stopped her hips. I made my whole body stop time by turning every muscle rigid. She opened her eyes to see me looking down at her. Sweat droplets were on her forehead and temples, wetting her blonde hair and turning that kissable area brunette.
I had stopped the world and she knew it.
"What?" she muttered, sweat beads having formed on her upper lip.
"Everything. This is everything. Right now. Right here. This is the grown-up first kiss. I don't care if you've had other lovers before. I don't care if I have. We are each other's first lovers because we make it so right now. When you first kissed me, you exploded life within me. Now life is exploding within me again. I want to hold this moment for as long as I can."
Her eyes were wide, the pupils dilated so you could drive a truck through them. I continued to babble. I was practiced at babbling when high. Words just flowed.

"And when did you fall in love with me?" she leaned back in my arms after the kiss and asked.
"I woke up with it the morning after I met you," I said and sat on the divan, pulling her towards me, laying backward and putting her light body on top of my own. The script was now obvious. Trite in its lines but sincere it its spontaneity: "And you, have you always been so beautiful?"
First she laughed. She was above me, both her elbows on either side of my head, looking down at me, into my eyes. The laugh abruptly stopped.
"What's wrong?" she asked.
"What?" I felt the moment being broken again.
"Why are you crying?" she asked.
"I didn't know I was." It was true. I hadn't felt the tears on my temples until she told me.
Then the smell of the sweetness of her breath mingled with the smell of her hair and skin and made me cry more.
"I guess because I've never been so happy," I told her, trying to explain the tears. She collapsed against me, pushing her lips against my ear:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gratifying to Connect with Reader Who Gets It; 12th Five-Star Review for Crazy About You

It is so gratifying to connect with a reader who really gets it. I so appreciate him posting this review, which is the 12th five-star review for Crazy About You.

5.0 out of 5 stars LIVING WITH THE SANE AND INSANE . . .February 15, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Crazy About You (Paperback)
CRAZY ABOUT YOU is the second book by Randy Attwood I have read, and my admiration for his writing skills grows with each page as I read. This story takes the reader for a trip into the strange space between the sane and insane--a mist-blurred world full of angst, mystery, surprises, plus bizarre and unpredictable behavior . . . with an array of characters that are so well developed your heart reaches out to them. Well, most of them . . . but there is much more. An evil presence drives the story into even darker places that you do not expect, at a pace that turns the pages as fast as you can read. This is an engaging and compelling coming of age tale that will haunt the reader for days . . . and leave you wishing for more. Yet, it is also satisfying and fully resolved in a way that touches your heart. The main character, Brad, living in the early 1960s world of a Kansas mental institution ponders at one moment--"You can't summarize what you are, only what you've done, which is why so many of us feel so empty--what we've done is never even close to what we are." Well, based on what Randy Attwood has done, I can summarize that he is a great author with a unique gift and exceptional talent for story telling. You will agree.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Blow Up the Roses Gets Noticed by the KC Star

Nice to wake up yesterday morning, go out, get my Sunday Kansas City Star, and see that my dark/suspense novel Blow Up the Roses got some notice in Brian Burnes "Readorama" column on the books page of the FYI section. Second item with subtitle "Suburban crime" Blow Up the Roses was languishing in the rankings in the 800,000 level, by end of day it had risen to the 80,000 level. Not that I understand those Amazon rankings things. If you are curious about Blow Up the Roses, see the previous post for how this very dark thriller had it's start. I've done some fun book trailers for it, too: this is the best one, or click below the scan of the Star item.