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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sharing Recent Great Reviews on Three Works

Nothing is more rewarding (well, higher sales volumes are nice, too) than getting a great review. And let me stress the reviews I am sharing are from people I don't know. I didn't pay for them. I didn't trade review for a review. This is honest stuff.

The most effective marketing tool in this whole epublishing business is word of mouth. My hope is that readers who like my work will tell other readers.

Let's get to the tape and start with SPILL , which is, well, woefully under-downloaded. It shouldn't be. It's a very funny read. These two readers thought so.

From Terry Needham:

SPILL. . . is much like a game of POOL, you rack the balls carefully, line up the cue ball carefully, them smack those balls by ramming the pool cue with furious intent— into the racked triangle of pool balls—to slam at least one ball into a pocket, any pocket . . . so you can continue shooting! Alas, the balls ricochet off each other, the cushions, and the result is always a series of unintended consequences, revealing that POOL, as in life, and this hilarious book—SPILL  . . is “racked” (pun intended) with unpredictable consequences.

The down and out protagonist imagines a clever fantasy wherein he enters a hopeless political primary to just shake things up a bit . . . setting in motion a series of unintended, but intriguing, enlightening, and revealing consequences . . . in a very humorous context, out of which “spills” an amazing array of characters (yes, pun intended again . . . sorry!). These colorful and genuine characters, as in the first break of those “racked” pool balls, begin crashing about the story—each pursuing their own intentions, while generating a wickedly funny and revealing series of unintended outcomes. This delicious story unfolds at a steady pace and the unpredictable characters are so real, as are their crazy intentions which yield amazing, yet, rarely intended outcomes—that it keeps the reader fully engaged while flipping those pages.

This great book would make a wonderful movie! I cannot remember the last time I had so much fun reading a book, or found myself longing for a second serving . . . sequel . . . if you please, Mr. Attwood?


And then this one from Verity Linden in the UK:

SPILL is genuinely funny. It's very easy to get lost in the political satire, to feel this is a tale for the politically aware and interested, but that's not the case. As a Brit, I am a citizen of the internet and quite generally aware, but US politics and the quirks of its system remain alien to me. Had Spill been a strict, raw autopsy of the American party system, I would have been bored pretty rapidly, due to lack of context.

This isn't the case. The characters here are rounded and complete, their motivations are very human and very relate-able. While I think you will find layers in this book others wouldn't if you're interested in US politics, Spill remains, at its core, a caper tale, a comedy of errors. I can't think of anyone I wouldn't think would enjoy it.


Crazy About You is my most popular novel. Receiving this review was particularly nice because Tania had low expectations since it is self-published.

I'm so glad this book was recommended to me. I have been reading indie books for years with so much disappointment, but this was amazing. The pace was great, the plot was awesome, and the characters were so very believable. I loved that Attwood really dug into the mind of Brad, and let me know everything he was thinking. It was everything I imagined the mind of a teenage boy to be at times, and some thoughts so profound it made me feel like he was in my head.

I love psychology, so all the references were great and spot on, yet only given enough that even the lay reader would find some good information yet not be badgered down by it.

All in all, one great suspenseful read. I would and will recommend. One I will keep on my e-reader indefinitely!

As an editor for the , it is our great pleasure to list this as a book that has survived our stringent rubric of grading. Finally, a wonderful self-published book by an author who will remain on my reading list.


And this one for a dystopia whose title describes it: Rabbletown: Life in These United Christian States of Holy America

I am from Kansas so the characters and locales were familiar and of particular interest. However, someone who hardly knows where the state is, beyond "out west," would also enjoy the biting satire and vivid depictions of what is a frightening glimpse into what might be our future, given the worst-case scenario. Even though it is a short book, the characters were extremely well-developed and the scene-setting was extraordinary. I would enthusiastically recommend to anyone who loves good books.

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