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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dive Into Your Own Slush Pile and Look at What You Can Find!

Going through the slush piles of writing ideas (some pursued and then stalled; some not pursued, but maybe worth trying) I came across enough stuff to keep me busy.

Several ideas for novels involving:

Cancer researcher who can cure brain cancer in rats

Future history in which a witch's ability to stop time figures prominently

Newsroom-based mystery thriller

Art museum-based comedy

Novel set in Japan: "Wanted: Native Speaker"

And some shorter works:

Lovecraftian-toned story. Let's see if any mathematicians or physicists are reading this blog. Plot will involved the formula that T(seconds) equals 2pi divided by the square root of g times the square root of L. That should key the Poe work this story would invoke, except it will be set in a grain elevator.

Sometimes you come across an opening line that just begs to be explored: On advice of my psychiatrist I have decided to try to learn the language of the woman who keeps appearing in my dreams and is so obviously imploring me to understand her strange words.

Always wanted to write a short story about an itinerant writer of those prophesies used in fortune cookies.

Like this opening scene: Car accident leaves traveling salesman in dazed condition in rural area. He staggers to what seems to be an abandoned farm house where he breaks a pane of glass so he can reach in his arm to undo the lock only to have his hand grabbed and the arm pulled in and raked against the shards of glass.

GOOD NEWS! Happy to report that two, new five-star reviews popped up for Crazy About You. Here is excerpt from one of them and here's the url.

I'm so glad this book was recommended to me. I have been reading indie books for years with so much disappointment, but this but was amazing. The pace was great, the plot was awesome, and the characters were so very believable. I loved that Atwood really dug into the mind of Brad, and let me know everything he was thinking. It was everything I imagined the mind of a teenage boy to be at times, and some thoughts so profound it made me feel like he was in my head. I love psychology, so all the references were great and spot on, yet only given enough that even the lay reader would find some good information yet not be badgered down by it.

Just the kind of review this writer needed to get him revved up for the new year! Thank you Tonia L. Ramos, whoever you are!

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  1. Haven't seen a lot of brain cancer in rats, but I guarantee you that if you find a way to cure tumors, that rat owners will be very happy. We lost so many lovely rats to tumors - it's always devastating.

    Sounds like some winners, and great review, too!