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Monday, September 10, 2012

Letterpress Project Update

Did today, I hope, final filming on promo video for upcoming Kickstarter project to turn "The Saltness of Time" into a print book done on a letterpress here in KC and bound at KC bindery open since 1885. "If they didn't do it in 1885, we don't do it now" heard the owner say over the phone. This filming took considerable courage on my part. I absolutely hate to see a photograph of myself and now there I am in hi def video. I hate my voice, too. Yech. But had to be done. Nick Naughton, KC artist and printmaker, is going to do the printing of the book and also provide illustrations. This is a really cool project and I look forward to giving more details. If you are curious about this story, which, I'm sorry, is in that awful genre of "literary" the single story can be found here and it is also contained in a paperback collection to be found here.

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