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Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Crazy About You" Next for Print Publication

Rabbletown print copies arrived today. So very happy with them. Problem with the back cover, but looking to resolve that. It's readable. Interior is fantastic. Really looks professional. Moving forward on Crazy About You as a POD. Interior file almost done.

It made me go through all the reviews Crazy has gotten and compile excerpts and, wow, I forgot how rewarding they are. Getting the interior proofs back made me reread it one more time and, damn, I love that book. I hit the end, and it brought tears to the author's face. I also decided I'd dedicate the book to the memory of my father.

Thought I'd share the review excerpts and the dedication:


"Less a psychological thriller than a psychiatric adventure, the novel fearlessly reveals ways in which human beings face their choices and emotions and those of others -- from loyalty and deceit to cruelty, despair, and joy....gripping, brutal, and tender.

"...If you have not laughed out loud often and shed a few tears by the end, you'd better see a shrink. While Attwood's style and story-telling skills are very much his own, John Irving fans will enjoy this book immensely. New York Times, heads-up!"
Mark Shoup

Having grown up in the area where this book is based, Randy hit all the right "notes." Great development of all the characters; well developed story line. Will remain in library (i.e. is a read again)!!
Nancy on Amazon

There may be other novels about coming of age on the grounds of a mental hospital in the middle of Kansas, but Randy Attwood's Crazy About You seems singular to me. Thoughtfully written, it captures life in the Larned State Hospital, a psychiatric facility, just west of the town of Larned, Kansas.
R. Buchanan

"...a story that will keep you turning the pages and that you won't soon forget."
Nick Russell Amazon best-selling "RVing Author"

"`Brilliant' and `original' are about how I would sum this sweet tale up....While the main character is a young adult this is no kid's story! The tightly woven script is replete with humor, thrills, tension, mystery and the occasional flashes of inspired insights into the true definition of insanity that left me wondering if `normal' is really as normal as we like to think."
Vered Ehsani

"Randy reminds us that the patients in a mental health facility are people first and should be treated with respect. My hat's off to Randy for a great read and a great reminder to society."
Dean from Kansas

"Very good and enlightening book! I have suffered from severe depression - therefore I have spent time in the mental health wing of the hospital.... Thankfully I am no longer depressed. This book caught my attention because it was about an asylum and from my experience I know that not everyone inside is scary crazy or dangerous, and the author does a good job of explaining this as well. ...The story is a good one and the main character Brad is someone the reader can root for..."
 Pamela Wells

"A coming-of-age novel in the hands of a master storyteller....Attwood’s involving style and wealth of information make this a highly engaging and interesting read, especially for those who, like me, have always had a fascination with insanity."
K. Sozaeva (top 1000 Amazon reviewer)

"Coming of age in small town America in the mid-60's is not a new theme, but coming of age on a funny farm in small town America is. ...riotous, nostalgic, and entertaining."
Jill Garza

"With just enough fact and fiction this story was spellbinding for someone who lived in Larned during the time line of this tale. Well written and enthralling."
Mickey Hicks

"Riveting, fast paced, heartfelt;... a brilliant account of a coming of age teen whose caring and courage extends well beyond his years. I literally could not put this book down."
Joan LeMonte

"The plot moves the story along briskly with many surprises. Admittedly, with the location being in or near an asylum, one would expect a few unusual events. The writing is wonderful. The sentences are carefully crafted and have a natural cadence to them. The background on the history of asylums is expertly woven into the story and adds to the richness of the novel. The main character, Brad, a high school student, is real, not just a flat created person, and comes alive in the pages. If I were to write a book, this is exactly the type of book I would love to write -- a book to make people reflect.
Linda H


In memory of my father John Kenneth Attwood, DDS,
and all who worked, and work, in the struggle against mental illness.

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