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Sunday, June 3, 2012

"A Match Made in Heaven" Included in June Issue of eFiction

A Match Made in Heaven was accepted for the June issue of eFiction Magazine, produced by Doug Vance and his volunteer editors and illustrators at the eFiction website.

That issue is now live here:

Past magazines can be found here:

At this stage of things, writers, editors and illustrators are not paid for their work and there is a tendency to look down one's nose at such productions.

I recently finished a biography of HP Lovecraft (1890-1937), that great horror writer, who considered himself an amateur writer. Not that he wrote amateurishly, but that to get paid for writing seemed ungentlemanly. Not that he wasn't happy to receive payment later in his life when he fell upon hard times, but somehow money cheapened things. He and like-minded writers and editors produced small magazines for no pay, such as Weird Tales, which later became quite famous.

Because of the epublishing phenomenon, the amount of available fiction material has grown immensely. I'm certainly grateful because it has allowed me to reach a small but I hope growing audience of readers and fellow authors.

Efforts such as eFiction Magazine should be supported as the modern day pulp magazine. So I'm delighted A Match Made in Heaven (a work I describe as: Mormonism explored, in a sci-fi sorta way) has found a home with other stories in its pages.

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