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Monday, May 7, 2012

Retirement Gloat and a Hint of a Good Thing

Retirement gloat: Woke up this morning and knew I could stay in bed and sleep another hour. Raining. Lovely to listen to as had coffee and read the KC Star and NYT. Rain stopped. We took a rather long walk. Simple lunch including fresh lettuce salad from the garden. Sun came out. Spent some time on the computer promoting my works and providing files requested from a yet-to-be-named house that is going to publish Blow Up the Roses. Mowed back yard making garden look gorgeous. Tomatoes planted early all have flowers and some have set. 3 p.m. arrives. 70 degrees. Mix Boodles martini. Up. Drink same in back yard while reading Evan Connell's "A Long Desire," which found at estate sale. Time to start grill and cook those chicken wings been marinating all night and also the first ears of corn in their husks. All was yummy. Finish off with a Manhattan, on the rocks. Ahh....retirement.

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