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Monday, May 28, 2012

Letterpress Project Update

I've made contact with a print artist, Nicholas Naughton, who has a letterpress studio in the Crossroads area of KC. An interview with him can be found here. Nick is being exhibited just now at a show the KC Artist's Coalition is putting on. Details here. I haven't gone to see the show yet, but hope to soon. Nick's works are the first on the page and I am so impressed with them. He's got the postures of these workers nailed. It's great to see a revival of realism, and realism would be the approach I'd want to see for illustrating some scenes in The Saltness of Time. Nick is putting together cost numbers for the art, design, layout and production of a letterpress printed book.

I'm researching paper. Would love to do handmade paper and have found some sources to explore, but nothing local. Be great to keep everything local, but may not be possible. If anyone reading this knows of a Kansas City area handmade paper maker, do contact me or leave a comment.

Book cover printing needs to be explored as well. I've found one local custom bindery, so we may be able to keep that local.

When we have the numbers together we'll make a Kickstarter proposal. Video is important and I have sources to do that video work and think that making a video of the entire process and offering that with the book would be wise. This whole project would showcase the beauty of letterset press capabilities.

The Saltness of Time is a story so very well suited for this project. Will provide updates as they develop.

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  1. Check with your local college, see if they have an SCA or other recreationist group - those people often have members who do those sorts of things (making paper, letter cutting, etc.). I just subbed to your blog via email so I can keep better track of what's going on - as it is I missed your freebies this weekend; would have let folks know otherwise.