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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tornadoes and "One More Victim"

Sometimes, the old newsman comes out in me. The excitement of a newsroom when a major story is breaking is a thrill indeed. Getting the photographers and the reporters to the scene, assembling all they bring back into a print package for the next morning's paper. Heady stuff.

Last night, as the tornadoes raked through the midwest, I turned to twitter and facebook. They have, indeed, become the new Associated Press, complete with eye witness accounts and photos from cell phones.

I realized that if I were a managing editor today I would not only have to send my photographers and reporters to the scene but I would have to have people monitoring all the facebook and twitter accounts and youtube reports and collating them for our own online presentation to readers who want the latest from one source.

What a challenge.

And the subject of tornadoes always brings me to the point that a critical element of "One More Victim" is a tornado:

" seemed wrong that I could remember the tornado that killed Mother, but I had no memory of her"

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