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Friday, April 13, 2012

Find the Tone; Find the Voice; Find the Truth

I encountered Leonard Cohen long after I had written all that I had written. But when I heard him, he astounded me. He expressed in this one song all the pain and mystery I was after in so many of my stories. Amazing. How could he achieve in so few notes and stanzas what I had tried to do in thousands of words? That's music for you. It probably came before we had words, maybe more efficient. And Leonard's genius.

I listen now to that song and can hold entire in my mind Crazy About You, which has its own Suzanne. But when One More Victim occupies me, his Suzanne also resonates to Kathy's story.

I have discovered a new joy for this writer: I can distill the essence of each work into a feeling and remember that feeling in a way I imagine only I, and no reader, can experience. To find a song that also expresses that feeling is ecstasy, indeed. Thank you, Leonard.

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