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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Match Made in Heaven

When in junior high, high school, and college, I sucked down science fiction like it was soda pop. So, when I started writing fiction it seemed natural to pursue that genre. Didn't work. Why? Trying to write it didn't grab my soul. It didn't express the me that seemed to be wanting to be exposed. But I did make a few serious efforts. A Match Made in Heaven came from an idea I had for a series: space travel and the discovery of Earth-like planets meant that whole populations could emigrate from earth and populate their own worlds. Religious and political groups, so often in conflict with other such groups, could simply leave Earth and settle on a world of their own. Rule it according to each group's own dictates. There could be a Jewish world, an Islam world (separate worlds for Shiites and Sunnis?), a Hindu world, a conservative world, a libertarian pick, whatever sect or religious or political following you want. There were worlds aplenty for you to go populate and create the destiny of your particular belief.

I began with Mormonism, having always been fascinated by the story of the Golden Tablets that Joseph Smith was able to translate, which became the Book of Mormon, and then, wow, those plates just got lost!

I'll confess a bit of opportunism in publishing "A Match Made in Heaven" just now. Mitt Romney may be the GOP nominee, so interest in the Mormon faith may draw people to this story.

But I do think the lesson in "A Match Made in Heaven" goes much deeper.

I'll make it free for two days starting March 16.

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