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Friday, January 20, 2012

SPILL is free for five days at Amazon

I've enrolled SPILL in the Kindle direct program and it is free for download Until midnight Jan. 25. This meant I unpublished from Smashwords because one has to give Kindle exclusivity. But my experience with One More Victim was positive enough for me to try it now with SPILL, which is a novel that should have far wider appeal than the literary audience for One More Victim. Kindle Direct is finding out that many people who will borrow a book in that program will return then to purchase it. They added additional money to the pot to redistribute to its participating authors and my cut will be $1.70 per borrow. But I have had more sales than borrows and I have no way of knowing if a borrow turned into a sale. This whole ebook sales business is a murky murky area.

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