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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"One More Victim" my "Heart of Darkness"

One More Victim is now live on Amazon

In many ways, One More Victim is the oddest work I've done. I'm not sure it's wise to write about the genesis of a story.

Joseph Conrad did so in a series of fascinating introductions for a collection of his stories. And I think of One More Victim as my own sort of Heart of Darkness, not that I would ever try to compare myself to that great master. I remember circa 1975 looking out the back door of our house in Hutchinson, KS, in February, and seeing a group of crows pecking holes in our black garbage sacks. It started a poem in my head. The poem stated the essence of a story that took me almost 30 years to finish as I found the tale that expressed the poem and then finally wrote the last stanza of the poem that ends One More Victim.

The Holocaust is critical to the plot, not so much the atmosphere. Deep love -- not betrayed, but deep love not fully realized -- is an emotion most people don't want to explore. Writers do.

Genre? Description? I have no idea You tell me.

I want to acknowledge the photographer who took the picture that is now the cover art. Jared Wingate's work is very worthy of viewing. His website is:

Katy Soezeva is an indefatigable reader, prolific reviewer, and an excellent editor. She deserves much thanks from me for her careful and sensitive editing and suggestions about this story. Her blog is:

Epublishing has put me in contact with more and more creative people throughout the world. In terms of human expression, I think epublishing is an amazing evolution along the lines Mr. Guttenberg started. Otherwise, I doubt you would have ever encountered this story. And, I hope, you'll find the encounter worthy of you time.


  1. One More Victim is available free until Dec. 29 through an Amazon promotion program within their Select program, a lending program. If you want to send me money for the book, you'll have to wait until Dec. 30. Sorry:

  2. I read your book tonight and posted a review at Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Shelfari, my blog and to my facebook page.

    Thanks for a great book.