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Monday, November 28, 2011

Emma Sullivan may read Rabbletown

Emma Sullivan is the Kansas student who has gone from about 40 twitter followers to more than 10,000 because Gov. Brownback's staff monitoring social media saw the disrespectful text she sent while in his august presence and notified her school. I sent her an email with free download code to Rabbletown: Life in These United Christian States of Holy America and got this response!

"Thank you for the code, I downloaded the book. I look forward to the chance to read it. Thank you for the email and your support!"

I so hope she finds time to read it! What's interesting is that in this future dystopia, in which the religious right wing rules the country, people use computers that are closely monitored for improper thinking and actions. They communicate and confess to their PPC, Personal Pastor Counselor programs. And here we have the staff of the Governor checking on how He is referred to in social media. And ACTING on that information.

In Rabbletown, instead of a FBI or a KBI, we have the Inquisitors. Very effective group. Oh, and in this Topeka of 2084 there is a plaza named in honor of Fred Phelps, where stoning Fridays are held. Bring the family. Great fun! Feel righteous.

If you haven't kept up, it's now Brownback who has apologized for his staff to Emma.

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