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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Brownbackistan Incident May Help Rabbletown

A marketing opportunity came along for Rabbletown, thanks to Gov. Sam Brownback's staff, some of whom evidently constantly monitor what is said about him on social networks. A Kansas high school student, Emma Sullivan, was with a group visiting him and she texted a tweet that wasn't nice. Brownback's staff caught it, complained to her principal and she got called on the carpet. Story and update are here:

Brownback, who killed the Kansas Arts Commission and has eyes on the U.S. Presidency, has already had people calling Kansas Brownbackistan. And this little incident didn't help. If you search Brownbackistan on Twitter or Brownback Sucks, you'll see the storm this has caused.

So I've been promoting Rabbletown to as many of these folks as I can. After all, it's set in Topeka, Ks. And. although the Pastor Governor is named Brownback, there is a Pastor Senator from Wichita who is. I hope now I can get a Brownback staff member to buy the book! I'm such an opportunist. Maybe I should run for office!

Rabbletown: Life in These United Christian States of Holy America can be found here:

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