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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Publishing Update: Ten Works Now Live

I now have ten genre-defying works epublished. Thought it was time to list them and give a quick guide for selecting which one(s) you'll want to read.

Crazy About You: Set in Larned, Kansas, and its nearby mental hospital, so if insanity fascinates you, this is the one.

SPILL: Need a laugh at the expense of the political system and Big Oil? This is the one.

The 41st Sermon: Know who Walker Percy was? He liked this book's first chapters. Adult language here.

Rabbletown: Life in The United Christian States of Holy America: Title pretty much says it all for this dystopia future history set in 2084. Hate Fred Phelps? You love (be terrified) by this book.

Blow Up the Roses: Serial killing going on here.

Then and Now: The Harmony of the Instantaneous All: Old enough to want to relive the 1960s or curious about them? This is set in the turbulent spring of 1970 at the University of Kansas, Lawrence.

3 Very Quirky Tales: Philip K Dick fan? You'll like these.

The Strange Case of James Kirkland Pilley: Like H.P. Lovecraft? You'll feel at home here.

Blue Kansas Sky: Even if you don't play pool (or snooker really) you'll find you can relate to this story.

All can be found at or

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