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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Strong Drink is Raging, Suffer the Little Children

I meet with the designer again on Monday. Very much hope things will start moving forward, as in I will soon have an ebook available for download. Hard to sell a product when you don't have a product available to buy. Early comment providers to this blog will be eligible for free review copies (hint, hint). Early followers get me to buy them a drink at the Kansas City watering hole, Chez Charlie's, which provided much of the inspiration for Vote for Me!

Fred's partner in crime is the female bartender at his local watering hole. Every novel needs a love interest. This is it:

Zoe was neither ugly nor fat, but at 38 she was feeling old and a little bloated. She was single, had no present boyfriend, but plenty of disastrous affairs littered her past, one of which had resulted in Jeremy, her 14-year-old nerd son for whom she received no child support and who kept himself mesmerized with video games, computer stuff and skate boarding. Zoe realized she was a white, aging, single-mother, female bartender whose foreseeable future she herself could only predict was to become a white, old, single-mother, old female bartender whose son would dump her as soon as he could get to college, which he’d have to somehow pay for himself. If he went at all. At one time, she had had the dream of saving up enough money to buy her own bar, but that had never worked out. Something always took whatever savings she was able to amass, which really was a euphemism for quarters in an empty two-gallon goldfish bowl. So the influx of money that Fred Underwood’s scheme had brought to her was really welcome. Zoe realized he would expect a little poke-pro-quo down the road. But he wasn’t bad looking for a morose, failed-English-teacher, older guy.

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