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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nationalize the Oil Industry

I had a wonderful meeting yesterday with a Kansas City designer I think is going to help me move this project forward. I'll identify him if we reach agreement.

There's a lot more to Vote for Me! than a political campaign that scams the system to make money by running on a "National the oil industry" platform. We're going to see some hilarious goings on at the local newspaper, look behind the scenes at the city's most snobbish restaurant and watch the local football franchise owner soak the city. And a lot more.

But nationalize-the-oil-industry theme is a wonderful marketing tool for the book. Look at this recent MSNBC entry below about the price of gasoline going up. Listen the blah-blah reasons in the video. None of it really makes any sense, does it.

"The federal government is cautioning motorists to prepare for sticker shock at the pump."


By MSN Money partner on Thu, Apr 14, 2011 12:24 PM"


And yesterday in the KC Star Louis Diuguid's column dealt with people coping with higher gas prices.


Here's what Fred says:

Fred’s delivery work was increasingly being delayed by people who now recognized him as “that candidate” and stopped to talk to him.
“Nationalize the oil industry?”
“Yeah, I don’t trust the bastards, do you?”
“Not really. But the price is back down to $3.50.”
“You see, they’ve won already. If it gets back to $3, you’ll think it’s real cheap and now they can jack it up to $4 anytime they want and not cause a revolution.”
“Jeez, I hadn’t thought about that.”
And sometimes, as in that instance, a $20 donation would be dropped into his hand.

The thinking here is that the higher the price of gas gets the more people will be interested in reading Vote for Me!

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