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Sunday, April 10, 2011

In the Beginning...

"Fred Underwood was driving his 15-year-old, once-white, now rust-speckled, Nissan pickup six miles over the speed limit on his way to deliver the head of a dog to the state’s vet school for rabies testing when several things happened to him.

"He saw a sign announcing—as though proud of the fact—that gasoline at the upcoming station was selling for $4.15 a gallon. He looked into the rear view mirror when he heard a siren and confirmed that, indeed, a police car was chasing him. He uttered, “Shit,” but then felt his body swept with euphoria: He realized he had just been struck by an idea that would make him rich...."

Thus starts Vote for Me!.

(Hey, there's a question for you grammarians. When the title of a book ends with a punctuation sign and it ends a sentence as the one above, does one use a period after that punctuation mark or not?)

Responding to a comment, the dual goal of this blog is both to seek help in getting Vote available in print-on-demand and e-book formats, as well as audio files. The other objective is to promote the book, so, yes, excerpts will appear.

Vote for Me! also offers another format option: a game.

Fred Underwood's partner in crime is his bartender Zoe. They live in a rock rib solid red district that hasn't fielded a Democrat candidate for area's state house seat in 30 years. Fred's scheme is to run on a campaign to nationalize the oil industry (gasoline prices have made people a mite testy). Zoe will also file on the Democrat ticket, which means a contested primary will be held. Fred figures the oil industry, ever watchful, will hear of his campaign and donate money to Zoe and they will divide the loot. Zoe has a 14-year-old skateboarder who is also a genius gamer and computer whiz. When Fred asks Jeremy to make him one of those web site things, Jeremy has a burst of creative genius explode in his head and when Fred tells says he wants to "Destroy Big Oil" it prompts visions of skateboarders equipped with laser weapons blowing gas stations, tanker trucks and oil rigs into clouds of glorious fire. That game is wildly successful worldwide.

Okay, here's the deal. I need that game created. I know nothing about gaming. All help appreciated.

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