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Monday, March 4, 2013

Current Listing of My Titles Now Available

Just completed an interview with a local paper and with it included a current list of the fiction works I have available now online. Good time to update my blog as well.

Asylum brats grow up on the grounds of mental hospitals where their parents work. Asylum brat Brad's week in 1964 that tests his sanity and grows him up faster than he could have ever wanted. Set at Larned (KS) State Hospital. $4.99

America has a pastor president, the states have pastor governors and they rule with a Bible in each fist. Set in 2084 in Topeka. Don't miss Stoning Fridays in Fred Phelps Plaza. $3.99

Fired English teacher scams the political system, runs for office on a platform to nationalize Big Oil, gets the girl, the money, and a killer skateboarder video game. $4.99

Stan Nelson, in his forties, is mired in nostalgia for the 1960s and the woman he lost then. He figures his only way out is to write about why he is so frozen. He creates in words the times and characters of then. $4.99

An Episcopal minister suffering from mid-life and mid-faith crisis gets involved in a phony kidnap plot with his sexy blond parishioner. $4.99

How much pain, horror, and anguish can one cul d'sac endure? Why is so much murder, mystery, and sexual brutality condensed among the few duplex homes built so close together on the Elm Street cul d'sac? The answers lie within the language of flowers; and the language of flowers can be brutally frank. They can also save your life. $4.99

This novella starts in 1954 and ends in 1994 as we meet and follow Greg through his three most important stages of his life and the girl he met in the fifth grade. $2.99

Kansas snowstorm forces a car of college students returning home for the holidays to take refuge in the hotel of a small town where they encounter a fellow traveler with a story to tell. $2.99

An H.P Lovecraft style tale of the horrors that surround the simple draining of a park pond and the modern day research that leads back to the Civil War. $2.99

The Mormons have left the Earth to populate the planet Moroni, finding their destiny among the stars and themselves. $2.99

Short Stories:
Alien invasion. Can the weakest human save us all? 99 cents

A short story about fusion: the mechanics of golf and the feelings of the soul. A lone golfer finds a new freedom during his best round ever. 99 cents

A tale of snooker on the Kansas Prairie. 99 cents

Contains three stories. Tell Us Everything in which a Goth girl uses her piercing to connect to the reality of the world and then, to the world's dismay, broadcasts those truths. It Was Me (I) in which a man look over at guy in the next car and sees that it is himself, not has he is today but as he was 20 years ago. Are there makeovers? The Notebook: Visiting professor stops by his old college apartment to see if the notebook he left in the house's attic might still be there. The truths he and the home's owner uncover will shock them both. $2.99

The best diet program is the one you don't remember taking. 99 cents

Print on Demand:

All the novels are available in paperback.
Two story collections are published:
One More Victim contains that story, The Saltness of Time, Blue Kansas Sky, Innocent Passage (not yet available ereaders), and Downswing.

Very Quirky Tales contains Tell Us Everything, It Was Me (I), The Notebook, The Strange Case of James Kirkland Pilley, A Match Made in Heaven, and By Pain Possessed.

All available through Amazon.

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