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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Gift Time

Decided to offer a free download code to the work of your choice. AND you can send it on to friends as your gift to them. The coupons will expire 12/27. You need to email me which work you want:

Available works can be viewed here:


  1. Hi Randy. I found your blog through Library Thing. You have an interesting history and your writing, self described as "quirky" is right up my alley. My daughter just moved to KC area---nice place and the Nelson Atkins is one of my favorite museums.

    Good luck with your books. Both my daughter and son are writers and it seems like a tough road to getting published.

    Merry Christmas. Madeline

  2. Dear Madeline,
    Have those kids contact me. I give a damn good tour of that museum. That's not true. I run you through and then let you go back and re-see what you like. It is a great place. When I worked there I liked to say: we have seven entrances and all of them are free.